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Cover_people_liv-grn Shangri-La Companies are an idea encompassing a total couture and boutique franchises encompassing hotels, resorts, spas, furniture, clothing and lifestyle
Shangri-La Boutique features designer clothing and fashion at unbeatable prices. Launched in August of 2006 by haute mode designer Marissa Smith, Shangri-La Boutique offers the best in women's and men's designer clothing and accessories as well as an eclectic mix of lifestyle goods. Shop over 40 brands and enjoy our unrivaled customer service with free worldwide shipping, free returns, and live operator assistance.
Shangri-La Black Label is a designer of some of the most sought after designs on the market. In addition to Licensing, Shangri-La Black Label aggressively rolled out its own branded retail stores across the United States, which have provided the company with a platform to showcase the entire breadth of the product offering. Shangri-La Black Label is and always will be Timeless, Hippie, Bohemian, Chic.

Designer Looks

13546 "Shangri La Boutique was started for two reasons: Because at the time I could not afford the types of clothes and accessories I wanted from stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, I decided to purchase them online from seemingly reputable websites. Almost all of the items I purchased online turned out to be counterfeit. I quickly learned that counterfeiting and (third shift) was becoming the largest growing industry worldwide, especially after the dot com crash in 2001. After immersing myself in the industry for close to six years, I was ready to fight back. I made a pact to never sell anything that may have come from a less than reputable source. Thus, Shangri-La Boutique was born."
-Marissa Smith

New for Babies

Hudson26Hudson28 Shangri-la Boutique is a hip store that is stocked full of the latest dresses, accessories, jeans, handbags and more. We have all of the hottest and newest styles to keep you looking your best. Whatever the celebrities are wearing...we have it! Shangri-la Boutique will also make sure your mini me has all the latest fashions to keep them hip and cool.